About this site

Welcome to the M2M PORTAL SITE 'TEIOT'. The recent M2M (Machine-To-Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) world is growing market needs from the various industry such as Factory Automation, Agriculture, Medical and Healthcare, Building Construction, Energy Saving, Automotive Telematics, Security and all other Industrial needs of the remote monitoring and control. Those M2M allows us to have more comfortable life style and society, or beneficial cost effective operation by giving better yield of business productivity.

However still M2M system is not so easy to implement into the needs since it requires variety of integration including both of hardware and software like sensor, data logger, gateway terminal, MVNO payload, cloud server and M2M platform application in order to connect all those stakeholder products and services into one beneficial M2M system package.

Through this M2M PORTAL SITE we want to gather all M2M and IoT related products and services information which everyone can easily access to all those needs as one-stop portal information. If you want to make sensor system then you can access sensor MEMS devices and wireless modules. If you are the system integrator then you can find the finished sensor units and gateway terminal which can be integrated by M2M platform by yourself. If you look for the total M2M remote monitoring system package for Agriculture facility then you can choose the ready-made all-in-one M2M service package to get small start M2M installation.

Enjoy this M2M PORTAL SITE and take affordable small-starting M2M. We are looking for more M2M stakeholders products and services in this site in order to give the people to access better choice of M2M and IoT benefits.